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Greetings and Welcome to All Life Explorers!

Welcome to the first posting of Planet Dove!  Like you, I AM a spirit in the physical world – exploring the nature of life on this planet.  The nature of life – beyond the shackles of Religion and the awareness of Science.  If you are journeying into the mystic, may love and gratitude always fill your heart!Praise, Love and Gratitude!
Planet Dove


My window on the world today began with exploring why the tree branches seemed to be white.  Yesterday’s warm air grew foggy as the night and the cold ground snow mingled together.  By morning crystals of ice were growing like cactus needles on the branches of all the trees and shrubs.

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One breath of warm air melts them away!

One Dove, Aphrodite

Solstice Salutations!

Greetings To all Spirits in this Material World!
The Northern Hemisphere is sinking into its longest nights.  The quiet of this time of year is sometimes lost in the roar of consumerism.  The darkness of the night  denied by millions of Christmas lights.

The Light of this season – celebrated by all religions – is the Light of the Spirit.  Spirit shines bright in the skies at night – especially at this time of year.  The long darkness of the solstice night twinkling with the shimmering of star souls.  Stretching into time and space beyond imagination.

Spirit shines anew in the hearts of humans too.  A bright light of love, compassion and thankfulness – treasures of the human heart,  when illuminated by Spirit.   Souls sparkling on the planet – and singing a song of JOY with all that is.  All that is Love and Life.  This is the magic of Christmas time.

Peace to you in the darkness and the magic of the Solstice!